The Walking Dead: Intro Theme Guitar Tutorial 4

Hey guys!

In honor of the show starting back up last weekend, today’s video is a tutorial for The Walking Dead’s Intro Theme.

Whether you watch the show or not, it’s well worth your time to learn this theme for 2 reasons:

  1. You probably have friends/family who watch the show and would be super impressed to hear you bust this out
  2. It is a fantastic slur (aka hammer-on/pull-off) exercise. Ditch those boring slur drills and play this instead!

In the video, I teach you step-by-step how to play the theme.

Then I go into detail on how you can clean up your own hammer-on and pull-off technique.


Techniques addressed: Slurs (hammer-on’s and pull-off’s), Arpeggios

As a small way of saying “Thank You” to the amazing guitarists who have joined my community, I’m including an Exclusive Bonus in this video available for everybody on my newsletter:


Follow these steps for a chance to win a free 30-minute Skype Lesson with me.

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2) Learn The Walking Dead’s Intro Theme I taught in the video above

3) Film yourself playing the theme, and email me the video.

4) You have one week! Submission deadline is Wednesday, February 24th.

One submission of my choice will win a free 30-minute Skype lesson with me, in which we can discuss any issues you like.


Will you be taking advantage of this challenge and submitting a video? Let me know in the comments below.


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4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Intro Theme Guitar Tutorial

  • Tony

    Hey Nathan,
    Using the split screen to show the close-up of your hands is great. The quality of the video is excellent. Coupled with your detailed and clear explanation of performing the technique and talking about its uses, this is a super video. Your challenge offering will be fun for all who accept it. Good luck to all who enter.
    Thank you,

  • Philippe

    I couldn’t help but notice that you aren’t playing in the classical position. Is it personal preference?

    I know when I try to learn a challenging piece, there is no way I can get it down without the classical position.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    • Nathan Post author

      Great question, Philippe. I definitely recommend playing in the classical position. The elevated neck angle gives you much better accessibility to the entire fretboard and lets you use the weight of your arm to fret the notes, rather than squeezing between your fingers and thumb.

      Unless I’m resting my back, I play in classical position 90% of the time. I made a conscious decision, just for this video, to not use classical position, simply for the sake of fitting both my left and right hands in the close-up camera frame. It doesn’t work as well to get a good close-up on both hands if the neck is elevated.

      I hope that clarifies things, Philippe. AND I hope to see you submit a video for the challenge for tomorrow 🙂