Star Wars: The Force Theme Guitar Tutorial 3

Hey guys!

Today’s video is a tutorial for my Star Wars: The Force Theme (Binary Sunset) arrangement as heard in my Star Wars Guitar Medley

As many of you already know, I won’t be publishing any tabs or sheet music until I have all the appropriate copyright permissions. John Williams (who composed all of Star Wars’ music) is very protective of his music, so that makes getting licensing even more difficult.

I just need to think of creative ways to woo him away from the “Dark Side”… Any ideas?

Since you don’t currently have any tabs or sheet music to follow along with, just make sure to pace yourself while going through the video. Memorize each section before moving on to the next. The benefit of “mirroring” (watching somebody play something, and repeating after them) is that you’re immediately watching your hands, rather than staring at notes on a piece of paper.

Watching your hands is crucial when first learning a piece, because you have visual reinforcement making sure that you are positioning each finger perfectly, right away. This helps prevent the development of bad habits, which might have gone unnoticed if you weren’t watching your hands.

Star Wars: The Force Theme Guitar Tutorial

Techniques addressed: arpeggios, slurs (pull-off’s), bar chords, left-hand stretches


Table of Contents:


Section 1 – 0:37 (these timestamps function as links if you watch on YouTube)

Section 1 Playthrough – 3:16

Section 2 – 3:36

Section 2 Playthrough – 7:30

Section 3 – 7:46

Section 3 Playthrough – 12:09

Section 4 – 12:24

Section 4 Playthrough – 19:05

Section 5 – 19:28

Section 5 Playthrough – 21:48

Section 6 – 22:02

Section 6 Playthrough – 25:28

Section 7 – 25:43

Section 7 Playthrough – 32:00

Thanks! – 32:27

P.S. I had an almost impossible amount of technical difficulties while filming and uploading this video. It’s definitely going to make for a funny story in the future! I’ll have to share it with you sometime…


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video in the comments section below. What are you finding most difficult about this arrangement? What’s your favorite part? This is a great place for you guys to share (both with me and each other) your individual struggles and progress while learning this arrangement.

I can’t wait to hear you guys playing this!


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3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Theme Guitar Tutorial

  • Picard arnaud

    This is great, I can’t wait to start working on it. It will take some time to put things together but at least you know how with proper hints. Thank you very much.

    • Nathan Post author

      I’m so excited to hear about your progress! Definitely take your time with it, one section at a time… Comment back here later to let me know how it’s going!

  • Pier-Olivier Lefebvre

    This arrangement is insane! I’m starting to work on it right away :). If by any chance you have some tabs or music sheet it would be awesome if you could share them, i’d even buy them if needed.

    Great work!