New Video! The Legend of Zelda: Midna’s Theme/Lament 2

Hi Friends!

I’m so excited to share this new Zelda arrangement with you. It’s a mashup of Midna’s Theme and Midna’s Lament from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Midna’s Lament (starting at 1:26 in the video) was the main challenge for this particular arrangement. Originally heard on piano, it consists of a constant arpeggio flowing underneath the melody. It wouldn’t be the “Beyond The Guitar” style to leave out that arpeggio, so with some finger acrobatics, I was able to make it work!

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2 thoughts on “New Video! The Legend of Zelda: Midna’s Theme/Lament

    • Nathan Post author

      That means a lot, Carl! As we grow in number and I can prove the demand to Nintendo, we might be able to get them to cooperate and allow me to publish this. I’ll be finally publishing a Skyrim arrangement within the next couple weeks that I think you’ll really enjoy. Stay tuned!